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Super Soldier Applicants Must Have Napoleon Syndrome

BAT74942In order to successfully train a male as a Super Soldier one should have Napoleon Syndrome and therefore be susceptible to a God Complex.

What is Napoleon Syndrome?

Wiki says: Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of psychological phenomenon which is said to exist in persons, usually men, of short stature and/or a small penis.

It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behaviour, and carries the implication that such behaviour is compensatory for the subjects’ stature or penis size.

The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects of their lives. Other names for the term include Napoleon syndrome[1] and Short Man syndrome, and Small penis syndrome!


14896_originalWhat is a God Complex?

wiki says:

god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of complex or intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks, or may regard personal opinions as unquestionably correct.[1][2] The individual may disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges.[1]

The first person to use the term god-complex was Ernest Jones (1913/51) [3] His description, at least in the contents page of Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis describe the God Complex as belief that one is a god. [4]

Time Traveler Alert & Warning

imagesHey fellow Time Travelers and Astral Projectors.  Watch out for confused Ass-assins.  Though your intentions are well-meaning, others have a different perception of what well-meaning is.

Considerably, Former White Hat, Micheal Prince aka James Casbolts the Idlywild Group and all followers of the above, are heightened through programming into a state of Duality where you will be Perceived as being an Enemy that needs to be reprogrammed or Destroyed.

Casbolt has long since admitted to being a TOOL as an Assassin.  However he won’t talk or discuss specific events with actual victims or about those that have died.  He will only discuss the attempted assassinations that he ends up with on his own life, and now family.  A Perpetrator is always, always a Victim too…

He is a troublesome creep on the astral plane.  Don’t worry, he can easily be distracted by anything about sex, so if you are being harassed, this could be a gimmick to reflect back in humor, that will incidentally torment him.

Who does he work for?  He works for the wanna-be Controllers, those who are about FEAR.  Interdimensionally.

uhi2Once spotted, you become tagged.  Perceived as a threat because you are a free-thinker, sovereign being who now, upon developing powers with access to universal information, you are indeed, a threat to their cause.  You may be harrassed (see gang-stalking post) tormented and things may be twisted to make you confused.

The very thing that will free you is only continued self-acceptance and self-love.  Because you are so many parts of the PAST, all of these can be used against you.  Realizing and recognizing that every part of you is “nature” can be difficult.  A lion is ruthless in that it will indeed feast on a live meal with no regard to the pain or torture it inflicts.  Some of these “past” energies will seemingly be inflicting pain upon you or you them.   Don’t fall for the old guilt thing, oldest trick in the book.  Also the messiah complex, past-life, or super soldier complex, another trick.

Pay attention and realize your perception of the past or future, is the pain.  You have the right and choice to struggle, fight, flee, take revenge or be a victim.  In the eyes of certain nations, you are a ruthless Terrorist!   Denying that your are not, is to stop you in your tracks, trapped by the very energy that torments you.

How to Create Terrorists, News!!

Can you believe that James Casbolt Received this message?  Who would write it and for what motive.  

From : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sent : 05 October 2006 09:34:01
To :
Subject : RE: P1 P2 Bill and Bob Bennet

Greetings Brother James

Costume_Procyon_FA_MP2 correct! HK controlled by walk-in Melthraazur from Procyon

P1 is Brother Brezinski but he is not a walk in. Brother Brezinski [ 33degree Zion] has incarnated from Sirius to fulfill obligations to the Shadow empire.

We also know that you are keeping these correspondences secret as we have your keyboard tapped. You have also been tailed by our security team {wackenhut forces cloaked and escorted by zetan sentries ] so do not attempt anything so foolish. Others have regretted such actions. Journalist Danny Casolaro also came too close to our Octopus

xxxxxxxx has your info and will release it uipon OUR orders.

Not much time left before FINAL SOLUTION and chipping program implemented and destined to be achieved before Dec 22nd 2012.

Brother Casbolt..May we ask you to please consider joining our army of Lucifer.. We admire your courage and believe you would make an excellent servant of the Light. Consider this offer. What may be your price?

Caecus Barathrum Contumelia

xxxxxxxxx _ ACTION

Alternatively do you think he made it up?

Here is what I think.  I think it was sent to him from someone that he had reached out to asking questions and perhaps for support, but who could not be trusted.  The goal was to make him think his experiences were with deviants, and to join them or not.

Likely it was “Brethren” of a “terrorist” cause, aka Brethern of the White Robe that sent the message.

It was written so that James would think that:

1. His attacks and other experiences have to do with NSA (blame the government) and gave him complete confirmation on his bizarre experiences so as to entice him in or turn him to the Other Side (or what appears to be it).

2. The government (NSA) is involved with Lucifer.  Again, a lure or a run?  If this is Lucifer and I don’t want it, then I choose “Jehovah” etc.

The ONLY goal — to get him to turn away either towards god and not Lucifer and away from NSA (the government).   In which case they will send him a different invitation later, and be there for him AS THAT other group.

–or that he join them as stated portraying to be NSA and make it a Luciferian thing.  Either way it is neither/both!  That ole’ catch-22…

Because it’s manipulating and threatening it should discarded…

Twisting words is always possible, and always necessary in these types of games.  From my personal experiences regarding this topic, he (if who I interacted with was indeed casbolt) had already been offered to join the illuminati 3 times by my interaction early 2009, this must have been one of the offers.

Creating a Terrorist is not about actual Truth –it’s just about CONVINCING someone of a perceived truth in which to then use them for a cause.  So much is being orchestrated from the other dimensions…


Casbolt is a big fat, disgusting, cowardly liar, and has been a leader and player of this agenda, recruiting other terrorists –all along.

Butt Hash for Super Soldiers!!

the-more-popular-slang-term-butt-hash-largeHey Super Soldier!  Are you feeling Broke but need to get High so you can feel Super Awesome n’ Powerful!?  Don’t worry you can Just smoke your own POO!

It’s Jenkem!

But do the Super Soldiers have any poo left???!!!

Super Soldiers have apparently gone crazy getting tubes stuck up their butts so the reptilians can eat the poo!  Barry King writes about the Super Soldiers POO dilemma here!

The video below explains the Butt Hash take-over!!!  Should the Super Soldiers be blamed and held responsible for having brought this “recipe” of crap to our planet to kill off red-heads?!?  Will indulgence takes it’s own course for Revenge??

Don’t miss watching this special South Park episode via link below.  It goes into details about the cat-pee method of getting High for Free!  It shows the secret life of Super Soldiers, including how getting High takes them right to the Boob Princess in the Land of Major Boobage!  …don’t miss the Princess!

Are Milabs simply stuck in the Fourth “insight” Control Dramas

Members_only_opening_party_1_t250If I had to guess, I would say that the self-proclaimed Milabs and Super Soldiers are lingering stuck in the Fourth “Insite” around understanding Control Dramas and energy.  It’s possible they have not experienced the other previous insites and had somehow moved fast forward past them using the Neo device or engaging in other practices.  Or perhaps, not so unlike myself, they are deliberately playing along to help others on the path become aware. neo_80

In the book the Celestine Prophecy James Redfield describes a Journey of powerful INSITES, that were discovered in an ancient manuscript in Peru, that will eventually take us to a changed consciousness for humanity.  The fourth INSITE is to have experiences and awareness to understand, how we engage energetically with others. Thus gaining and losing energy through others.

Chapter 5

Pages 71 – 86


The great achievement of the interaction psychologists was to identify and explain the way humans tend to compete and dominate each other because of a deep existential insecurity. It has been from the East, however, that we have gained further clarification of the psychology underlying this phenomenon.

As both science and mysticism demonstrate, humans are in essence a field of energy. Yet the East maintains that our normal energy levels are weak and flat until we open up to the absolute energies available in the universe. When this opening occurs, our chi – or perhaps we should call it our level of quantum energy – is raised to a height that resolves our existential insecurity. But until then we move around seeking additional energy from other people.

Let’s begin our discussion by looking at what really happens when two humans interact. There is an old mystical saying that where attention goes, energy flows. Thus, when two people turn their attention to one another, they literally merge energy fields, pooling their energy. The issue quickly becomes: Who is going to control this accumulated energy? If one can dominate, managing to get the other to defer to his point of view, to look at the world in his way, through his eyes, then this individual has captured both energies as his own. He feels an immediate rush of power, security, self worth, even euphoria.

But those positive feelings are won at the other person’s expense, for the dominated individual feels off center, anxious, and drained of energy.1 All of us have felt this way at one time or another. When we are forced to defer to someone who has manipulated us into confusion, thrown us off balance, shown us up, we suddenly feel deflated. And our natural tendency is to try to win energy back from the dominator, usually by any means necessary.

This process of psychological domination can be observed everywhere, and it is the underlying source of all irrational conflict in the human world, from the level of individuals and families all the way to cultures and nations. If we look realistically at society, therefore, we see it is an energy-competitive world, with people manipulating other people in very ingenious (and usually quite unconscious) ways. In light of the new understanding of the universe, we can also see that most of the manipulations used in this regard, most of the games people play, are the result of basic life assumptions. In other words, they form the individual’s field of intention.

When we move into interaction with another human being, we must keep all this in mind. Every person is an energy field consisting of a set of assumptions and beliefs that radiate outward and influence the world. This includes beliefs about what an individual thinks other people are like, and how to win in conversation.

Everyone has a unique set of assumptions and style of interaction in this regard, which I have called control dramas. I believe that these “dramas” fall along a continuum ranging from very passive to very aggressive.

The Poor Me

The most passive of the control dramas is the victim strategy, or what I have called the Poor Me. In this drama, rather than competing for energy directly, the person seeks to win deference and attention through the manipulation of sympathy.

We can always tell when we enter the energy field of a Poor Me because we are immediately drawn into a particular kind of dialogue in which we are pulled off center. Out of the blue, we begin to feel guilty for no reason, as though we are being cast into that role by the other person. The individual might say, “Well, I expected you to call yesterday, but you never did,” or “I had all these bad things happen to me and you were nowhere to be found.” He might even add, “All these other bad things are about to happen to me, and you probably won’t be around then, either.”

Depending on the kind of relationship we have with the person, the phrases might be shaped around a wide range of subject matter. If the person is a work associate, the content may refer to his or her being overwhelmed with work production or meeting deadliness situation with which you are not helping. If the person is a casual acquaintance, he or she may just pull you into a conversation about how rotten life is going in general. Dozens of variations exist, but the basic tone and strategy are the same. Always it is some kind of bid for sympathy and an assertion that you are somehow responsible.

The obvious strategy in the Poor Me drama is to throw us off balance and win our energy by creating a feeling of guilt or doubt on our part. By buying into that guilt, we are stopping and looking through the other person’s eyes at his or her world. As soon as we do this, the person gets to feel the boost of our energy added to his or her own and so feels more secure.

Remember that this drama is almost completely unconscious. It flows from a personal view of the world and a strategy for controlling others adopted in early childhood. To the Poor Me, the world is a place where people can’t be counted on to meet one’s needs for nurturing and well-being, and it is too scary a place to risk pursuing these needs directly or assertively. In the Poor Me’s world, the only reasonable way of acting is to bid for sympathy through guilt trips and perceived slights.

Unfortunately, because of the effect on the World of these unconscious beliefs and intentions, very often the same kind of, abusive people the Poor Me fears are exactly the ones that they allow into their lives. And the events that befall them are often traumatic. The universe responds by producing exactly the kind of world the person expects, and in this way, the drama is always circular and self validating. The Poor Me is caught unknowingly in a vicious trap.

Dealing with the Poor Me

In dealing with the Poor Me, it is important to remind ourselves that the purpose of the drama is to win energy. We must begin with the willingness to consciously give the Poor Me energy as we talk with him; this is the fastest way to break the drama. (Sending energy is a precise process that we will discuss in Chapter 9.)

The next thing we must do is to consider whether the guilt trip is justified. Certainly, there will be plenty of cases in our lives when we should feel concern over having let someone down or sympathy for someone in a difficult situation. But these realities must be determined by us, not by someone else. Only we can decide to what extent and when we are responsible to help someone in need.

Once we have given the Poor Me energy and determined that we are facing a control drama in action, the next step is to name the game – that is, to make the control drama itself the topic of conversation.2 No unconscious game can be sustained if it is pulled into consciousness and placed on the table for discussion. This can be done with a statement such as, “You know, right now I feel as though you think I should feel guilty.”

Here we must be prepared to proceed with courage, because while we are seeking to deal honestly with the situation, the other person might interpret what we say as a rejection. In this case, the typical reaction might be “Oh, well, I knew you really didn’t like me.” In other cases, the person may feel insulted and angry. It is very important, in my opinion, to appeal to the person to listen and to continue the conversation. But this can only work if we are constantly giving this person the energy he wants during the conversation. Above all, we must persevere if we want the quality of the relationship to improve. In the best case, the person will hear what we are saying as we point out the drama and be able to open up to a higher state of self-awareness.


A slightly less passive control drama is the Aloof’s. We know we have entered the energy field of someone using this strategy when we begin a conversation and realize we can’t really get a straight answer. The person we are talking to is distant, detached, cryptic in her responses. If we ask about her personal background, for instance, we get a very vague summary, such as “I traveled around a bit,” with no further elaboration.

As we have this conversation, we sense that we have to ask a follow-up question, even for the simplest of inquiries. Maybe we have to say, “Well, where have you traveled?” And we receive the reply, “Many places.”

Here we can clearly see the strategy of the Aloof. The person constantly creates a vague and mysterious aura around herself, forcing us to pour energy into digging to get information normally shared in a casual manner. When we do this, we are intensely focusing on the person’s world, looking through her eyes, hoping to understand her background, and so we are giving her the boost of energy that she desires.

We must remember, however, that not everyone who is being vague or who refuses to give us information about herself is using an Aloof drama. She may just want to remain anonymous for some other reason. Every person has the right to privacy and to share with others only as much as she wants.

Using this distancing strategy to gain energy, however, is something altogether different. For the Aloof, it is a method of manipulation that seeks to lure us in, yet keep us at a distance. If we conclude that a person just doesn’t want to talk with us, for instance – and so we shift our attention elsewhere – very often the Aloof will come back into interaction with us, saying something designed to draw us back into the interaction so the energy can keep flowing her way.

As with the Poor Me, the Aloof strategy comes from situations in the past. Usually, the Aloof could not share freely as a child because it was threatening or dangerous to do so. In that kind of environment, the Aloof learned to be constantly vague in communication with others while at the same time finding a way to be listened to in order to win energy from others.

As with the Poor Me, the Aloof strategy is a set of unconscious assumptions about the world. The Aloof believes that the world is full of people who can’t be trusted with intimate information. She thinks the information will be used against her at a later date, or will be the basis of criticism. And as always, these assumptions flow out from the Aloof to influence the kinds of events that occur, fulfilling the unconscious intention.

Dealing with the Aloof

To deal effectively with someone using an Aloof drama, we must again remember to begin by sending energy. By sending loving energy rather than becoming defensive ourselves, we relieve the pressure to continue the manipulation. With the pressure off, we can begin again, naming the game and bringing the drama into awareness by making it the topic of conversation.

As before, we can expect one of two reactions. First, the Aloof may flee the interaction and sever all communication. This, of course, is always a risk that must be taken, because to say anything else is to continue to play the game. In this case, we can only hope that our directness will begin a new pattern that will lead to self-awareness.

The Aloof’s other reaction may be to stay in communication but to deny being aloof. In this case, as always, we must consider the truth of what the person is saying. However, if we are sure of our perception, we must hold fast and continue to dialogue with the person. Out of the conversation, we hope, a new pattern will be established.


A more aggressive control drama, one that is pervasive in modern society, is that of the Interrogator. In this manipulation strategy, one uses criticism to gain energy from others.

In the presence of an Interrogator, we always get a distinct feeling that we are being monitored. Simultaneously, we may feel as though we are being cast in the role of someone who is inadequate, or unable to handle our own lives.

We feet this way because the person we are interacting with has pulled us into a reality where he feels that most people are making huge mistakes with their lives and he must correct the situation. For instance, the Interrogator may say, “You know, you really don’t dress well enough for the kind of job you have,” or “I’ve noticed you don’t really keep your house very neat.” just as easily, the criticism could involve how we do our jobs, the way we talk, or a wide range of personal characteristics. It doesn’t really matter. Anything will work as long as the criticism throws us off balance and makes us unsure of ourselves.

The unconscious strategy of the Interrogator is to point out something about us that gives us pause, hoping that we will buy into the criticism and adopt the Interrogator’s view of the world. When this happens, we begin to look at the situation through the eyes of the Interrogator and thus give him energy. The Interrogator’s aim is to become the dominant judge of other people’s lives so that as soon as interaction begins, others immediately defer to his worldview, providing a steady flow of energy.

Like the other dramas, this one springs from projected assumptions about the world. This person believes that the world is not safe or orderly unless he is watching everyone’s behavior and attitude, and making corrections. In this world, he is the hero, the only one paying attention and making sure things are done carefully and with perfection. Usually, the Interrogator comes from a family in which his parental figures were absent or not attentive to his needs. In this insecure void of energy, the Interrogator gained attention and energy in the only way possible: by pointing out errors and criticizing the family’s behavior.

When the child is grown, he carries with him these assumptions about how the world is and what people are like, and these assumptions in turn create that kind of reality in the Interrogator’s life.

Dealing with the interrogator

Handling the Interrogator is a matter of staying centered enough to tell him how we are feeling in his presence. Again, the key is to keep from assuming a defensive posture ourselves and to send loving energy as we explain that we feel monitored and criticized by him.

The Interrogator, too, may have several different reactions. First, he may deny being critical at all, even in the face of examples. Again, we must consider the possibility that we are wrong and somehow hearing put-downs when none are intended. If, on the other hand, we are sure of our perspective, then we can only explain our position, hoping that a genuine dialogue can begin.

Another reaction the Interrogator might have is to turn the tables and call us critical. If this happens, we must again consider whether the accusation is true. However, if, as before, we see this is not happening, then we must return to our discussion of how the other person makes us feel in his presence.

A third reaction that the Interrogator might have is to argue that the criticisms are valid and need to be given and that we are avoiding facing up to our own faults. Again, we have to consider the truth of this statement, but if we are sure of our position, several examples can be given to show that the Interrogator’s criticisms have been either unnecessary or inappropriately given.

Each of us will face situations in which we sense that others are doing something that appears not in their best interest. We might feel that we should ‘intervene to point out the error. The key factor here is how we intervene. We are learning, I believe, to make very unassuming statements, such as, “If my tires were bald like this, I would buy a new set,” or “When I was in a situation like yours, I quit my job before finding another and later regretted it.”

There are ways to intervene that do not take the person out of his centered viewpoint or undermine his confidence, the way the Interrogator does, and this difference must be explained to the Interrogator. Again, this person may sever the relationship rather than hear what we are saying, but this is a risk we have to take in order to stay true to our own experience.


The most aggressive control drama is the Intimidator’s strategy. We can tell when we enter the energy field of such a person because we not only feel drained or uncomfortable; we feel unsafe, perhaps even in danger. The world turns ominous, threatening, out of control. The Intimidator will say and do things that suggest she might erupt in rage or violence at any moment. She may tell stories of harming others or show us the extent of her anger by breaking furniture or throwing items across the room.

The strategy of the Intimidator is to win our attention and thus our energy by creating an environment in which we feel so threatened we are totally focused on her. When someone gives off the impression that she might go out of control or do something dangerous at any minute, most of us watch this person very carefully. If we are in a conversation with such a person, we usually defer to her perspective very quickly. Of course, when we look through her eyes, trying to discern what she might do (in order to keep ourselves safe), she receives the boost of energy that she most desperately needs.

This strategy of intimidation is usually developed in a past environment of severe energy deprivation, most commonly involving relationships with other Intimidators who are dominating and abusive, and where no other strategy works to win energy back. Guilt-tripping as a Poor Me doesn’t work; no one cares. Certainly, no one notices if you are playing Aloof. And any attempt at Interrogating is met with anger and hostility. The only solution is to endure the lack of energy until one is big enough to intimidate in one’s own right.

The world the Intimidator sees is one of random violence and hostility. It is a world in which one is lost in supreme isolation, where everyone rejects and no one cares – which is exactly what these assumptions bring into the Intimidator’s life, over and over.

Dealing with the Intimidator

Confronting the Intimidator is a special case. Because of the obvious danger, in most cases it is better simply to remove oneself from the presence of an Intimidator. If one is in a long-term relationship with an Intimidator, the best course is usually to place the situation in the hands of a professional. The therapeutic plan of action, of course, is much the same as with the other dramas. Success with such an individual usually involves making her feel safe, giving supportive energy, and bringing the reality of her drama into awareness. Unfortunately, there are many Intimidators still out there who are receiving no help, and who live in alternating states of fear and rage.

Many of these individuals wind up in the criminal justice system, and certainly it is wise to keep these people away from society. But a system that keeps them locked up with no therapeutic intervention and then lets them out again does not understand or address the root of the problem.3


Most of us, throughout life, hear various complaints from others about our behavioral patterns. The human tendency is to ignore or rationalize away these complaints in order to go on with our preferred style of life. Even now, when knowledge of self-defeating scripts and habits is becoming a greater part of human awareness, we find it very difficult to view our personal behavior in an objective manner.

In the case of severe control dramas in which a person has sought professional help, crisis reactions can undo years of progress and growth in counseling as the old patterns, once thought conquered, reappear. In fact, one of the emerging revelations among professional counselors is that true progress takes more than the catharsis that occurs during the personal exploration of early childhood traumas. 4 We now know that to end these unconscious attempts to gain energy an security, we must focus on the deeper, existential basis of the problem and look beyond intellectual insight to tap a new source of security that can function regardless of external circumstances.

Here I am referring to a different type of catharsis – one that the mystics have pointed to throughout history and one that we are rapidly hearing more about. Knowing what we do about the energy competitions in human society, our challenge is to look closely at ourselves, to identify our particular set of assumptions and the intentions that constitute our drama, and to find another experience that allows us to open up to our energy within.


Entertainment in Conspiracy this Week: Collecting Duality Players for the Game of Life

Geez, I’m gone for barely a week and Former White Hat is back at it, collecting Duality Players for the dysfunctional game of life!  Gathering up any susceptible fools who are willing to play in perceived states of hard-core Duality.  Yep, he is stirring it up.  Enjoying when others find severe opposition.

You know… it could be that he gets erections when people oppose him… (?) sort of like a sexual sadist but without the sex.


Here is one sad example from his blog post titled 01018811 Level Green (see comments copied below).  It appears the arcons, his buddies, are sync’ing numbers and erin green, to poke at someone.

At the end of that blog post some poor guy by the name of Jay says he wants to destroy FWH for fucking with his loved ones!

FWH’s response (and the thought that it could be taken seriously) is what entertains me. Anyone who was once threatened, after reading his reply, would, unless they are seriously insecure, have to instead laugh.  Wouldn’t they?  I mean who could seriously threaten someone with words like “an elephant stomping on a flea” and “mental state is like a flea circus” provoking shame for the monkey mind we all have at times. Then bragging about past credentials that are so ridiculous, anyone with half a brain would know that anyone with those credentials would including a 3 year Navy Seal would never fuck around on a stupid blog site whose purpose is meant to provoke the already confused unless they had gone off the deep-end themselves or become a drug-addict (aka clone lol).  And how about the ole’ trick of tossing in some confusion about gender identity, after all we have all learned enough shame about that to carry on a thousand more lineages of that and other sexual distortions.  Rink Clone attraction, a boy-toy huh?  And incapable of love, mmmm….sounds to me like someone is projecting…hehee!  And how the infamous IQ question that everyone and their dumb-ass brother, wonders about.  A high-IQ comes with incompetent Social Skills, and so is only as valuable as what it can be used for, — storing & retrieving information, adding up shit and looking for patterns… if you have a very high one, you probably have major…ahem…social issues.  And what of the road-kill haha.  Sounds like the threat I got from D.N. from the idlywild group.    Soooooo scarrry……..oooooh!   I just drove all over Navarro Ridge and the only spatting I got was rain.  You?

(ut oh, as a side note, looks like someones freaking out about numbers)


please fhw. take me on please. ill come to you we live in the same city. please . I want to destroy u so bad u are fuckin with those I love and care about and saome of them are my family members wimp

  • You would be paralyzed from the waist down in 5 seconds. Is that how you want to live? I was in the Navy for 19 years, three in the SEALS and ten in ONI. It would be like an elephant stomping on a flea, and your mental state is like a flea circus. What you feel is not love, it is gas in your large intestine. You are incapable of love, they made you that way. You are akin (kin) to an organic malfunctioning machine. You are severely mentally ill and a coward (and a confused female) at heart. You don’t know how to express your homosexual yearnings for the Rink Clone because you are incapable of love; you are a flea, with the IQ of a speed bump sign and the personality of road kill.

    (For those who haven’t noticed, many of the replies/comments that appear to be from others, are from his own “other profiles” that he created to support the work that he is doing)


I suppose from the broader perspective, those who are weak enough to fall under the influence, are asking for what they will get, and they will grow from it.  From the creators perspective, good will come of it.  It always does. After all, without Hitlers technology I may never have enjoyed riding thousands of miles on German Built Motorcycles… (sarcasm).  If you were never molested, how would you arrive at a consciousness to stop the next molester?  Seriously –is that how you think it works?   Studies have shown that violence breeds violence just like molesting breeds molesting.  If you ain’t sure ’bout how that works, head to the deep South for millions of examples.

So how you gonna justify your game?

And what influence you ask?  That’s the thing, Both or Either, pick a side, once you do your working for it all –whatever you can’t discern perfectly, you will have to walk a path to your own understanding of it once you go down the rabbit hole.   You get to choose.

This image gives a new, and more humorous, meaning to the anciently revered All Seeing EYE of god.   We have …errr …walked this walk before, you and me (wink).  The one becomes the other, everyone gets a turn once you choose to play on it. The Victim becomes the Perpatrator, the Perp the Rescuer and so on.  Nobody is ever left out.  Like a pimp offering up the drug of choice, emotional addictions are fed.  They reside not only in small group relationships but between Countries/Societies/Cultures/Races as well.


So that’s it then, a fear of death….

A fear of death will get anyone to do just about anything!  Bring in the new world order, sell other humans, kill others, manipulate and control others… have obsessions about clones (they represent not dying)…

The only way to have a truly fearless stance in life is by having a deep understanding of who you really are, how eternal you are, but also of free will.  Those who believe in destiny and fate, nearly always fear death.  You have so much free will, that law of attraction can bring to you the fate and destiny that you BELIEVE in.

Knowing you are eternal and can STEER yourself, and a fear of death does not exist!  To learn it you have to practice steering your thoughts, your mind, your emotions and changing your frequency.  The MILABS get stuck in the loop and the belief in lack of free will grows and grows until they feel they must choose good or evil or a position in the duality of life.  Why?  That is where fate and destiny lie.  No pun intended.

Michael Casbolt admits that he is willing to sell out, or as he says, will do anything for “survival”.  Opting to work for whoever will give him power, and/or both sides is because he is afraid of death.  I’m sorry Michael, that someone made you think that way.  If I continued to hang out in your MILAB dimensions and continued to acknowledge and give power to your Aliens, and believed I was powerless, I’d be afraid of death too!

When you know you can steer your thoughts, your frequency, then you know you can steer your SELF your being, after death, wherever you want to go.

The video where he admits to fear of death:

Most people don’t WANT that true power.  They want their power to come from a hiarchy, they want to be granted some form of protection, or form of worthiness. Why? Old habits, old victim beliefs handed down since they were thought up, they are not the true laws of the universe.

Oh and the trouble with Black Magic, besides showing how fearful you are, is that when you attempt it on Free Will people, it boomerangs….LED-boomerang

Watching Folklore Get Created

Humans are funny.  I mean, super fucking funny!  Like –SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny I sometimes cannot believe just how funny we are.  Today I’m having one of those days.  That is all I can see is humans n’ humor.

telephone_game_by_nunar-d3cogwjSometimes I like to take a look at Former White Hat’s blog in particular, because it’s like watching Folklore for the future collide with the Folklore of the Past into what I never knew existed –Folklore of the present being created!  …with about ten followers helping it along.

Some well known folklore:  

Noahs_ArkLong ago someone channeled a story about a man named Noah who built a boat big enough for all the animals of the world!  As the story goes, Noah and his family collected pairs of all the animals and got on the big boat together and after 40 days and 40 nights (I’m sure it became very smelly and disgusting) they were saved from “the great deluge” that exterminated all other humans and animals, compliments of God of course.   If it weren’t for Noah and his righteousness there would have been no-humans and no-animals to live-on.  Therefore we are all inbred descendants of Noah the righteous, who saved the humans and animals of the world on a boat.

My interpretation of the same story goes like this:

A man, claiming to be humble, but thinking very highly of himself, was trying to start a cult in his village, but wasn’t doing very well attracting his followers.  He heard messages from the spirits one day.  Noah believed in respect and obedience and I’m sure he made his family respect and obey him.  So the spirits matched his beliefs and told him to respect and obey them, and then they told him what to do, he must build a great big boat!   They wanted him to build a boat because, though he didn’t know it, that would help them meet his desires for having a cult, and it would benefit others greatly too.

Noah believed he was very important and that he was getting a special message from God.  So the spirits agreed and proved to him that they were a God, and Noah saw the power of a God in them.

Because Noah decided he was the only one who obeyed God by building an ark Noah thought that he must be the only righteous man left on the planet.  Again the spirits reflected him and showed him the unrighteousness of other humans confirmed by god, and he believed that they should indeed, perish.


Noah didn’t get along with the other villagers, their idea of fun was very different then Noahs!

But…the spirits were helping the villagers with their desires too.

It was easy to convince Noah to build as big of a boat as he could (knowing that he would do it because this would make his small penis seem larger to himself) and so Noah built a HUGE boat!  The bigger it was, the farther away from the village they could take him.

As he was building it Noahs imagination took hold and even more so, whatever he  believed the spirits found a way to confirm.  He was proud as he built it but afraid of a deluge. The spirits said “You build a large boat that your family can live on!”  They meant he could live ON the boat.  He felt righteous knowing his family would live on but all the others would die.  

He questioned the spirits that he called God about what they would eat after the deluge that he now believed would happen, so the spirits told him to “bring many animals!”  He then believed he was saving all the animals too!

When the boat was finished, the people in his village were relieved, they hoped it was true that he would leave on this big boat.

Noah told his obedient family to capture animals and they stuck them in cages on the boat and looked after them, waiting for rain.  One day when the rainy season began, the spirits told him it would float away, so he took away the anchors.  When it was raining the hardest, a few villagers under the encouragement of spirits, had some fun.  They cried out begging to be saved, so that Noah could confirm that they were perishing.  When Noah heard them he felt righteous and pleased that he had obeyed God and his family alone, would be saved.

The boat finally floated slowly away from the village.  Noah believed the whole world was covered with heavy rainstorms for 40 days and 40 nights as the boat followed the currents and he heard the rain.  The spirits assisted all of his beliefs.  They helped him float far away so that there would be no land as far the eye could see, confirming the earth must be covered in water.  They made him sleep whenever the rain stopped, and made it rain in his dreams.

Finally he was certain the deluge was complete, so he began to look for signs of land!  They gave him a sign of a bird indicating land was near.  The spirits did what they could to look after the well-being of Noah, because Noah believed it was gods will that he would survive and they were ruled by Noah.

article-2196151-14BF2541000005DC-267_964x608When they finally reached land, in Noahs mind God spared only him and his family and animals.  The spirits did well to make certain that it was true enough, and he never saw a sign of others.


Noah could finally breed openly with his daughters without being judged by the villagers.

Meanwhile life with humans and animals went on much more pleasantly, in the village that he left.

Eventually after Noah died, his persistent self-important, spirit channeled his story of his righteousness, his relationship with God and the great deluge to anyone who would listen to him.

Because Noah believed in God, it ended up in the Bible, which is the word of God which is a book written by the people who believe in fate and therefore do not accept free will.

That’s it.
That my friends, is His-story.

What’s yours?

Manipulation of Women, another Dangerous Example

Is Dominique Navarro of the extremist Idylwildgroup, the same one who was convicted of MURDERING her OWN MOTHER in 1983?  Perhaps still brain-washed and now projecting her own guilt and threatening me and/or others in her dangerous delusions?  

Or/and is her identity being further used and exploited as an icon by FWH and/or James Casbolt, of how one can manipulate women to be used for extremist ideals?


 Here are 2 threatening comments she wrote on my blog: x

  1. As Casbolt informed you, you were a nurse for Mengele aka Dr. Greenbaum, your true family line is of he 4th Reich, you did work on cloning research for them, and your memories were wiped and replaced by screen fictions. You are not who you think you are not who you think you are. You are evil, it is in your Nazi bones. –D.N.

  • ———————————————————————————
    The blog and comment writer D.N. matched their IP address to an old location of mine in Baja, Mexico, that I wrote about on my travel blog, odd?  Isn’t that where Michael Hemmingson (FWH ? the Idlywild group leader),  is located part-time.
    Dominique Navarro, now 46, may represent the deepest and most dangerous agenda of the Idlywild Group.
    Dominique Navarro, convicted for murdering her own mother in 1983,  responds from an email address with the exact same name, and 83 (   Her mothers last words to her daughter should have been “get out, mi hija!”?  But instead those words were used to cover her lie!
    The the info and her involvement in FWH’s group, seems to go hand and hand with the above comments she wrote to me.
    In 1983 Dominque was under the influence of a sociopathic boyfriend.
    Dominique and her religious boyfriend planned to murder her own mother.
    There was an insurance settlement, and the property with a mortgage nearly paid off, as motive to the boyfriend, William Noguera.  What appears to have been used as a tool, by the boyfriend, to manipulate Dominique into the plan for murdering the mother and gaining the money, is that he got her pregnant and her mother, who was very concerned about the effects the sociopath boyfriend was having on her daughter, wanted Dominique not to be with him, and coerced her into an abortion.
    Acting as anti-abortion he influenced Dominique.
    628x471More about the boyfriend currently on death row:
    Quote from the article:

    “The religion excuse.

    William Noguera is so pro-life that (some would like to believe) he was provoked into a homicidal act.

    Anyway, he never had a “good relationship” with his victim, so perhaps his crime isn’t that surprising.”


    Knowing what I know, about women and how they reflect males.  It is my best guess that (unfortunately) Dominique Navarro was a victim of influence by her sociopathic, boyfriend who manipulated her into beliefs to benefit himself.  Her mother was a welfare worker and they were relatively poor.  Dominique was likely  easily influenced having fallen obsessively in love, perhaps having found a male who could lead her like the father she didn’t have and someone she could be enamored of.

    lgctxc-b78752351zSadly, under his influence, she lost first her own self, then her own dear mother.  This must have been such a terrible loss for her, that to cope with her own guilt she, to this day, she appears to project the rage she has for both herself for adopting his beliefs and at William Adolf Noguera, the boyfriend who carries a middle name that conflicts her to project the beliefs that got herself into the trouble to begin with.

    It is my guess that Dominique Navarro won’t be able to stop the “voices” until she can understand how she was used and manipulated by a male and the role she played, regarding her dear mothers death.

Awww Poor FWH, Trying to Get Attention Again! RIP


Ut oh…I’m getting comments again, I think someone wants attention…

As my replies often get deleted,  I will paste this one here for all to see:


“Awww poor fwh, does it bother you that, no one who matters, even wants to know your identity?  Were you a one-hit wonder of 2012?  Your days of conspiracy fame too brief for your triggered and damaged soul/s to be satisfied?

Do you find yourself agitated with what is left of the few not-so-smart, drug addicted, unstable victims that you can scrounge up?   Like a pimp hoping for a quality whore or an educated prostitute only to realize that aberration does not exist?  Is there no one fun left for you to play with?

Are your days of others paying you attention all behind you?   Having become the laughing stock, the wanna-be scare of the 2012 turn-over?  Now, just a mere washed-up blog writer, not so different than an unsold author.     As if those books you published with your own money, you wrote with own sweat and blood but now only gather dust in a lonely storage place? (wipes tears)

FWH, may you forever die knowing you tried.”  RIP

(p.s’ will you have more then one grave?)